Allvoi Wireless

First I've heard of them or the mothership: "Mastercall", who has 200,000 customers in the US. As stated in the article, the $30 unlimited Sprint plan is a good one, and the current promo for it might make it even better for some. Don't know about the 10 MB plans, though.

Sprint just kills all its MVNOs overtime. 1 year free plan was over last week, yet $25 kickstart unlimited plan is still choking MVNOs.

I got Sprint 1st launched $ 15 kickstart plan + 3.18 T&F and don't even look at MVNOs any more. I remember back in the 90s when Sprint PCS launched the pioneer program 0.00 per month @ .35 cents per minute 1st incoming minute free. this kickstart plan $15 or $25 is a whole lot better

You should be patting yourself on the back now for jumping on the early kickstart offer!

Big time patting my self on the back! Weather or not T-Mobile and Sprint merge i'm just waiting for Sprint network to hopefully get better in rural areas, then Me and my wife will leave T-mobile 55+ plan for this kickstart $ 15 plan.But for the time being i'm using the kickstart to stream music and low quality video.