AI Amps GI

I may have taken one of the their surveys while swiping for CellNuvo credits.:slight_smile: Unanimous AI Accurately Predicts Donald Trump's 100-Day Approval Rating

Let's stipulate the facts, as reported, are true.

Then the question would become what does the finding mean?

One way to do this would be to have AI "predict" the distribution of responses of participants in a properly drawn survey on that question.

Based on that a conclusion could be drawn as to whether the report relates to a false positive or not.

A less quantitative inquiring mind might wonder whether the whole concept of non-artificial intelligence itself is not an artifice. Such a mind might also conclude that were AI to take over the world things might improve perceptibly.

Yes--what does it mean? Self driving cars, supercomputers defeating masters of Jeopardy, Go, chess, and other "intelligent" tasks, where are things headed? Defining intelligence is just as difficult as defining the other big concepts such as truth, knowledge, reality,morality, science and so on. I believe that we are having trouble defining these ideas because we are these hard to understand concepts, and because when all is said and done we still remain a mystery to ourselves. I am of the opinion that our advanced technological devices can still be classified as tools which we can use "intelligently" or not. We have had the ability for some time now to pretty much destroy our planet with the amazing tools that we have created. Right now there are very intelligent people trying to understand and create a virus that could destroy just about everyone, while others try to find an antidote to this weapon. Supercomputers and AI can be used to destroy or help us do good. So, what is the connection between intelligence and morality? If it comes to it, will the last person or group standing be more intelligent than those destroyed or less intelligent? It seems the fear of AI tools is just another fear of one another.

As the Atomic bomb was found to work as expected, a fine tool maker thought: "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of time.." ( Bhagavad Gita ) Let's hope that AI devices will predict he was wrong.