After LTE data is used up

Just to confirm, so it's hard capped, meaning data stops when you use it up, no throttled 2g data, right?

Per Frasier1 (an early adopter), yes, it's hard capped.

After that do they let you buy the 200MB addon and can you use the $ earned in the rewards for it?


Per my email conversation with Customer Service a few days ago, you cannot use rewards $ to purchase an add-on, at this time.

Rewards can only be used to pay for monthly plan costs. (For now, I'm banking mine so I can upgrade plans later.)

This may have more to do with the way their system is set up to charge against rewards, rather than a specific designed prohibition. According to some details, the rewards $ can only be applied at the end of the transition to a new billing cycle-- so even upgrading to a paid plan requires paying the first month's cost of the plan via your CC. Successive monthly charges would be funded by your rewards.

Would there be any overage fee for data usage?

Hard capped means it should just stop. AT&T data seems to post immediately, at least that's how it is on Freedompop LTE SIM.

Thank you, this is even better than FreedomPop!!!

If you got grandfathered in, you no longer get charged for overages for the devices and SIM on FP (auto top up off) and it will just stop service... FP keeps changing the rules so you can never be sure.