Account Activation Question

Hello all, as some of you know, I ported my number to Google Voice from Red Pocket a couple months ago. Since the changes in CN to be more of a financial middleman instead of a direct service provider, it makes sense that gold tied to a CN account would still be accessible even though I ported my number away. Is this true? I have about 120 gold I'd like to try to cash out over time.

I'm trying to activate my account again in the app which I just updated to the current version and am running into some issues activating. I used the code NUVO to start the process, and then it asks for my e-mail and phone number. I used the same e-mail and then the phone number that I ported out to GV. Next up it asks for the last 4 of MEID, however. This is my problem. I sold the phone already that I used to be using with CN service. Am I out of luck activating my account, or is there another known way to do this?

I've contacted support already, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of how to do this already.


Did you, at any time email CN support to get this phone activated in the past? Perhaps they requested the MEID and it lies in some of those emails?

If you don't have the MEID any more you will have to contact support to see if they can help you at all. There is no other method for reactivating that I know of at this time.

This might be a good time to advise people to make a note of the meid for future reference!

Excellent idea, I forgot all about that. I did send support my MEID at one point. I just activated my account and my 110 gold show up still. I guess I'll keep my eye here if Amazon support ever happens since that's all I really care about (we are using Xfinity Mobile for phone service now).

Perhaps CN is using 'last 4 of MEID' as a PIN #? Since the new app doesn't seem to have a place for that, I guess it would only be required for reactivating an old account.

I was just cleaning up my phone spreadsheet some this weekend-- guess I'll have to make sure I keep records of the original phone #'s (long gone), and the MEID (1 gone elsewhere) I started with.

For anyone curious (like me), I e-mailed support and told them I was able to resolve my issue. I then asked when Amazon balance in exchange for gold would be available. Here was the response:

Glad you were able to get your app set- we are working on getting Amazon up and running but I do not have a set date as yet. Thank you so much and have a great day!

Last week they told me they were working on it. IPhone too. Yea that iphone.

Hah, exactly... :slight_smile: