Abstract Bike Art

Talk about butchering supply and demand. Not even the great Chinese artist Ai Weiwei could have come up with these images. I guess with a population of close to 1.5 billion, many things are possible.

Very cool.

Don't worry about the waste. They'll just re "cycle" them!

That's a good one. All part of the cyclical nature of being.

Nice one! Just think -- once the bikes are re-"cycled", hopefully they'll be able to pedal, er, peddle their inventory anew. I guess "wheel" just have to wait and see whether they get to work on it right away or take a "brake" and just "coast" for a while.

Once they get a "handle" on things, the bikes will soon be "Spoke"n for.

Looks like we'd all better "gear" up for a night of great punnery.

Personally, I'm calling it a night on this thread since it may be all "downhill" from here, and at my age I "tire" more easily than you younger folks. Carry on and thanks for the laughs!