A small update to ease the pain (Hopefully)

Heya peeps. I sent an email to tom over the weekend just to check up on how they're doing, and this was his response:

"Everything is going well. I trust you had a good holiday.

We are currently finalizing a new update of the app that has more and better paying messages, as well as a revamped activation system to reduce activation issues. We are truly excited about offering GSM now, as it will allow much easier BYOD and better/less costly devices.

Tom Mannix

Its nothing big, but I hope it puts some people at ease for now. They're working hard. Give em some more time I suppose :slight_smile:

Tom also responded to my e-mail this morning and indicated that original phone numbers are in transition.

I'm not a CellNUVO customer and back in the day, months before Ringplus was going South, I had already formulated my backup plans because I felt the writing was on the wall, largely based on what Karl was saying (or more precisely not saying).

So in that vein, what Tom is not saying speaks volumes here and reminds me of Karl's behavior. However, I do think that CellNUVO have a more viable business model and understanding of business than Karl ever did. But they're not doing themselves any favor with this radio silence.

So while it's not the same and as obvious to me as the slow motion train wreck that R+ was, some of the behavior is the same.

forgot to ask him about that. Glad you did too. I'm sure he's gotten a huge amount of emails this past week. But hopefully they can keep their promises.. Here's hoping. :\

Sure hope we get our numbers back, I'm porting out the first chance I get.

Could you post the e-mail you received?

"###-###-#### is in transition. I will find out where its hung up and have them expedite any issues,
###-###-#### is also in transition. I will find out where its hung up and have them expedite any issues,

Tom Mannix

Thanks for sharing. Next time ask Tom if he knows that some of his subscribers have no service for over two weeks and are worrying about loosing their phone numbers...

Did you know, that when Titanic was sinking, the band kept on playing?

Sorry for the sarcasm, but I'm already tired...

Sorry, I don't have enough time to comb through this thread. But suffice it to say, there's been too many complaints regarding the course of conversation here. Everything's been deleted since the complaints began. Sorry if non-related comments were swept up in the deletions, but c'est la vie. :frowning:

Now, please carry on, calmly and with deep breaths...

We are entering 4th week of no or sub-par service and without our original #s. I'm loosing hope that I can get my numbers and silvers back. Even if CN does restart I think I'll just empty my silvers and port out. Really wish CN can just act ethically and let us know one way or another so we can make an informed decision. I really don't see how hard it would be for them to do that. Really hope we are not being milked (for those who are still swiping).

All the good ads are gone and can't make much with 3 silver ads and the occasional 10 kip.

Have you tried to email Tom with your thoughts. I think he needs to know what the lack of communication is doing to all of us.

10% or 25% bonus won't cut it. When your service is up in the air.

Weekly updates at a minimum is needed imho

crap! I have swiped about 10,000 points ever since the service interruption started. Hope that they will not end up in somebody else's account. I have about 270,000 points so far.

Each week that goes by the tunnel is looking darker.

I hope things get straightened out next week.

A transitional period is not a month

"c'est la vie" Real life doesn't protect anybody from being offended.

I'm all for debate, not censorship, and I thought we were doing just that.

It's a little worrying that the reason given for the censorship is "lots of people complaining" rather than forum rules being broken.

If no forum rules were broken, then mob rule and outrage have triumphed.

I saw nothing but publicly available information posted.

I did see a somewhat hysterical post which imagined and semi accused members of doing things they hadn't done and which even brought Karl into the conversation. It is a pity that that one got swept up in the mass deletions.

It kinda enlightened me on what are dealing with.

Take it up with HG not here.

I thought the "Karl" non-sense was ludicrous and a time waster.

Other complaints, like non-crediting of earned "Silver" and non-responsive CN support queries are informative for current and future users looking to get background on CN and should remain as posts unless contested by CN.

If the information is incorrect it should be removed but, the party posting information should have an opportunity to verify that the claims they made are accurate or correct.

This thread is about CellNUVO updates. No updates are forthcoming so some people decided to search the internet to see what information they could find about the company and what might cause it not to be responding.

The past behavior and other activities of it's principal, and only person we know of at CellNUVO, are pertinent pieces of information.