A Mysterious Piece of an Extraterrestrial Fruit Cake

Much like fruit cake, this substance exhibits extraordinary staying power, and it contains elements whose composition and origins are not easily explained. Fruit cake making aliens perhaps? But, then, I have never heard someone describe fruit cake as being out of this world.:huh:

Fruitcake resided in my parents home for at least 20 years with no visible signs of deterioration.
If we are receiving fruitcake from aliens, maybe we should consider the old NY garbage barge........
Maybe if aliens are sending us their 20 year old fruitcake.... they really are smarter..........
would you sell Manhattan for a fruitcake from an alien?

Or: Maybe the aliens are not as smart as they think. Could be that after they observed humans for a while, they concluded that since humans seem to be happiest during the time of year when millions of fruitcakes are given from one human to another, they sent this fruitcake like substance as an olive branch thinking it would be received with a smile, but little did they know that most humans do not care for fruitcake and that 3/4 of the millions of fruitcakes exchanged every year are being re-gifted and have been in circulation for many a year. Once they discovered what was taking place, they scratched what might be their heads and departed from earth posthaste.

Thanks for your help earthling. I will take this revelation to my Martian council.

@Isamorph and @als,
Can't speak for the aliens nor the merits of fruitcake, but IMHO your respective theories are out of this world! :slight_smile:

And well they should be.:dry:

Please when you talk to the E.T. council, ask them to return my missing sock, that they took out of my dryer, as a part of their coming of age rites when they visited us last.

Uh oh... did you just unwittingly reveal the real name of the (now disbanded) RingPlus Moderators Panel??? If so, you may be banished to Earth. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Well, it is fairly clear, though otherwise fun, that Geo-cosmology is not the rai·son d'ê·tre of this thread, including the OP. But speculation concerning aliens and fruitcake is fascinating. Where is Extrerrestrial_Zoologist when you need him?

Out looking for aliens??? Setting fruitcake traps??? Or more likely, still digging out from the NorEaster that hit a few days ago. Hopefully he will surface soon.

Yes, soon, for I understand that Scottish Great Ape Gorillas handle snow storms with aplomb, in addition to playing a mean bagpipe.

Wait... off in the distance... I can almost hear him now!

I just remembered there was another heated thread long ago on this forum which contained much discussion on all things fruit cake, though not much had to do with aliens. Oldbooks1 had many insightful things to advance on the topic. Here is the link for those interested:

****Here's an excellent 100 year old fruitcake: