A line in the sand

After much thought and contemplation I have decided that if CN is not up and running fully by Christmas of 2019 I'm moving to Tello where I already have 2 additional lines of service. That gives them about 26 months to work things out. Am I being unreasonable? Also I will start a GoFundMe account for Tom to raise 10,000 bucks if he gives us an update on this site in the next 72 hours!

If you can wait 26 months for them to work things out, you should be able to go at least 6 months (vice 72 hrs) to provide an update...lol!

That seems quite generous of you. Perhaps you could start a GoFundMe account for the Cellnuvo users on this forum to compensate for their pain and suffering. Keep us updated.:huh:

Too bad things will turn around on the 28th