A Highly Evolved Gecko

I wonder how this Gecko knew which numbers to dial. I also wonder if he can swipe on a touchscreen. And just because the Gecko was on the phone's screen does not mean it was he who made the calls, for no one actually saw him making a call. So it's possible a disgruntled employee was punking the hospital director by calling her and then placing a Gecko on the phone to confuse matters. Sounds like a case for the Hawaii five O crew, who can find the Gecko at the hospital, for he now has a job there.


Seeing this, I must repeat...:
Isamorph, you find the most amazing things to share here !!!

I second the motion! Without @Isamorph's posts this forum would be a lot less interesting. I'd comment on his threads more often if I had anything intelligent to add, but I always enjoy them. (And @E_Z, of course the same goes for yours, too.)

If this weren't true, I'd say they were just a little early for April 1st. (Remember the British ferrets who were laying the high speed cable wire a few years back? :))

:blush: Gee---you guys, E_Z and D_D, are the bee's knee. I think the world is a strange and funny place where truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and vice versa. And the way we interact with other animals has always been a good source of laughter for us and , hopefully, for them as well. I do remember those hard working ferrets, who I believe were highly thought of at the time, but seem to have lost some of their luster and popularity since then, possibly because people have blamed the ferrets for the slow speed internet problems they are now experiencing.:blush:

Well, many folks certainly like to have someone (or in this case, something) to blame when they can't get what they want, exactly when they want it. And since that article appeared, the ferrets' progress has apparently ground to a halt, so they might indeed be part of the problem. I'll keep digging for clues to confirm my gnawing suspicions and report back if I ever uncover any dirt worth sharing. :slight_smile:

I'm sure you'll ferret out the truth of the matter.:huh: