A fair crediting standard imho

(1) The act to bring up the ad: one silver.

(2) Any other act to start, maintain, or end/exit the ad: two silvers.

(3) Each second: half silver.

(4) any award above this standard is appreciated.

Now it is too hard to earn silvers, and probably the old time was too good to be true. This proposal is more realistic. It generates profits for cellnuvo yet would not deter members from swiping.

So, a standard 15-second video ad would pay 12-13 silver.
initiate: 1 silver
start video 2 silver
time: 7.5 silver
exit out: 2 silver

A 30 second video would yield 20 silver
Seems reasonable.

One of the catches is that the user has little chance to discriminate between ads that are worth the time, and ones that aren't.

Everything is fair in capitalism. It all comes down to supply/demand.
Uber drivers complain, but it is their participation that's driving down their income.

They don't have to require any tap for a video to play and exit, but the tap act is very valuable because it requires swipers to pay attention. For example, the biotrue video plays automatically while libman requires a tap to start.

1 silver per 2 sec (=$1.8/hour) is NOT reasonable. with that rate Cellnuvo cannot survive. search for output of similar apps/sites.
If anyone knows similar app can offer 50c/hour stably&consistently, let me know.
If not, how can we expect cellnuvo offers 4x market price.
I can accept even 30c/hour, which is similar to its competitors. My main complain is, it's so unstable. I may swipe 20 times with nothing. That is really frustrating.

Surely there are more productive uses of time than hopefully earning 30c an hour.

For example, seeing that tax season is over but still fresh in the mind, if you spend a little time to understand the tax code, you might see some opportunities for savings hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands in tax for the 2018 tax year.

It can also be mentally challenging. Good brain training.

min68, I've enjoyed reading your comparisons of the earnings returns from multiple ad-viewing apps. Thanks!

I have a feeling that CN may have been able to leverage the return when they were offering direct cell service. That isn't possible now, and may make your comparisons all the more relevant.

i dont know nothing about other platforms but here you made an unsound assumption that each swipe in cellnuvo you will get a video. you have to consider the effective ad time. for example if another platform only offers members 10 minutes of ads each hr such platform obviously has a higher pay rate. on the other extreme side if another platform offers an ad whenever you swipe you can certainly accept a lower rate like wholesale discount. furthermore the degree of attention required is relevant to the value of ads. if you sign in a platform and ads will play continuously without your attention of course you can take a very low rate.

Cellnuvo won't last 2 minutes if the earning rate dropped as low as 30 cents an hour. Even $1 an hour is pushing it. I think cellnuvo is very different to other reward programs and is not comparable at all. I like it much better than other ones I've tried.

That is very true. Something like swagbucks will run with 2-5 videos for every ad you see. You don't get paid for those videos. But you don't have to keep clicking and swiping either. It is more passive but you get paid less. Cellnuvo should pay more because you see more ads per hour and have to interact a lot more. You can't just leave it running without attention. It is probably better for the ad providers too as you really do watch the ads. Coastguard, maltesers, letgo etc etc. We all seem to remember them.

I had a dream I was on a coastguard ship eating a Snickers

watching bossbaby?

I don't know why you think Swagbucks is passive earning, and why think 30c/h I mentioned is for such earning.

Personally I CANNOT find any site gives :
1), Passive ad/video (needs <5 clicks per hour) gives 5c/hour, and can last for >3 hours everyday
2), interactive ad/video (needs >30 clicks per hour) gives 30c/hour, and can last for >3 hours everyday

Right now if Cellnuvo can do 2) and last forever, it will beat all competitors.
I hope I am wrong.

Now, there's ads for Marines...

i want to be a marine...

Have. Not seen that

We are very close to launching a new version of the app. I think it’s really awesome and can’t wait to have this awesome group start using it. It’s really been a lot to get it built but....it’ll be awesome for you all to use, that’s the most exciting part. We’re very excited about it

Nice to see you back on the forum. I think you have made a lot of us really happy with the recent developments.

We’ve been very busy. I (like our entire team) have been reading but not able to post. This new update is exceptional and I am so excited to get it launched. I of course welcome all feedback on what we’re doing.

H-H's opening post in this thread is above.
In context of under-paying ads, this seems a pretty conservative request-- that 30-second 2-silver ad would turn into 16-20 silver-- still on the low side compared to what we used to see, but enough to bring it into rough line with the other video ads..

I haven't run the equation on the video ads I'm currently seeing, but I'd guess that many are currently coming close to the minimum payout H-H suggested, and those ads that don't are the ones that raise user ire. The Ebates ad some tire of might turn into a 4-7 silver ad.