A Carat Within A Carrot

:slight_smile: Who can say? Maybe they just fell in love. The one carrot had real good eyesight. And how rare is it that there are people who go into their garden to harvest carrots for supper. Living la vida loca.


What is it with the ladies and their rings?


Well, since I do not have a facebook account or a job, I feel safe responding to your slippery slope "what's up with ladies and their rings" question. Let's just say that women and men sometimes misplace or lose things that are precious to themselves and others. Now when it comes to wedding rings, or similar, which are dear to both men and women alike, I suspect women lose their rings a bit more that men, due to the fact that men usually have big, ungainly, ape-like knuckles that make it harder for a ring to fall off compared to the more petite and less gnarly knuckles of women. But, given that a significant number of men have lost their rings by inadvertently dropping them down the sink drain while removing them in hotel bathrooms prior to going out on the town, the loss numbers could well be closer than imagined. Yet the fact of the matter is that very few women or men lose their precious rings, and those who do and find them many years later are similar to lottery winners---hence the fascinating stories. The Italy story was heartwarming in that I'm sure the gentleman's wife was the twinkle of his eye when they got married, and, nine years later, the twinkle in his eye turned out to be his wife's long lost wedding ring. Sweet.