44 Hours and counting and Still no refill

They said up to 24 hours to refill red pocket monthly plan. It's now been 44 hours and not a peep from customer service.

My top up just went through, at least my service started working again. The app isn't working right now so I can't see if I had gold deducted. On Red Pocket it only shows 50 voice, 50 text, 0 data though.

Same here. Mine went through too. I asked for a $12 credit to Red Pocket but they gave me $5 Cell Nuvo plan with 50/50/0...no data. New expiration date of December 30th, 2017. Not what I wanted but at least it's a start.

It looks like Red Pocket is setting this up as PayGo at the $0.10 /unit rate used by their standard PayGo plan-- this is not good, and is not a refill at the rates the same plan (P005NUVO) previously listed. So it looks like we're getting shorted on both the expiration (which we anticipated), and the unit rate.
I hope it's an error.

At least a payment actually went through.

I haven't had any gold deducted yet.

Did you have service before you topped up? What was your RedPocket account status prior to "successful" topping up? (I apologize if you've already shared that in another thread.)

Same, no gold deducted from my account either. Perhaps this is just a interim step to get my line working again. Or perhaps the app won't work unless I already have the regular $10 Red Pocket 30 Day- 500 Minutes, 500 Texts & 500MB plan.

@jamielih, my account was Active but with zero allotments and no service. I posted a screen shot in one of my earlier posts.

Edit: Here is where I posted the earlier screenshot..

Maybe this plan is just to give us time to move to a different plan/provider without losing our numbers?

I'm tired of these guessing games of what's going on. I'm porting out but the phone I ordered is back ordered until the 15th and I was worried that I was going to lose my number before I could port it out. Should be fine now at least.

You might be right about it just being a way to safely extend service.
(Especially in Michael Corleone's instance, since he now has a working line.)

You're definitely right about the guessing games-- we shouldn't have to figure this out by comparing notes on what happens. But at least it gives us a reason to get together & chat.

what plan were you on before you sent in gold

The Infinite Plan that Red Pocket called the $5 Cell Nuvo plan.

I'm not sure if any taxes were deducted - it might have been actually but I can't tell for sure. It wasn't much if it was. I think I lost a few hundred silver on top of the 5 gold but I wasn't paying enough attention.

I've refreshed my account, no gold has been deducted. At this point I don't really care about the service I just didn't want to lose my number before I could port out.

Considering it says active and gives you a 30 dec expiry for yours you seem to be fine for porting out.

Funnily if you add what I should have with a $5 top up 250/2500/250 to what you have 50/50/0 ... I get what my balance now shows 300/2550/250. Odd

So you put in $10 in a $5 plan. Did you ask rp where is the balance of funds you sent in?

Mmfacemm was on a $10 plan that was a shell waiting for funds. So when he sent in 10 gold he was fully funded.

No I put $5 in. I'm sure RP hasn't received funds from CN.

It's weird that mmfacemm's top up on his Sprint Infinite Plan went through before mine since I did my request in the early afternoon for the same plan.

I requested mine after knowing that mmfacemms 10 topup is funded. Been quite a while.

I just had $6 added to my sprint postpaid account. So that works!

mmfacemm, I'm not experienced with Sprint postpaid accounts, although I now have one. (Unlimited Free). Will the $6 sit as a deposit in the line, until a bill is due? And then deduct from that balance?