30 second dragon city ad only awards 1 silver?

duck off

There is a new duck ad?

Now I realize that no matter what ad it is, the award is either 1 silver or 0.

So ducking ridiculous!

Yep, only 1 point (or zero) for all ads. And no more 15 pts. ads for my location. (Western NY)

Are you still swiping?

Same here out in CA, except I'm still getting (very) occasional 2-point Kiip ads for Expedia. Hope this is not an omen of things to come.

You quack me up with your animal-disguised cuss words (check out Mint Mobile's fox sometime!), but I agree that 1 point for a 30-second ad is such a low payout that it makes it not worth it to swipe. Hope this is only a temporary situation.