30 sec video for 2 silvers?

Seriously, how many of you think that this is fair? I don't.

It's because credits get siphoned off to fund the Match-All and Daily Split the Pot games...

I hate that game... And who knows if anyone really swiping is going to win?

I rather 60 silver ads

see 10 minute mark

You are milking the cow too hard!
Be a gentleman... set the following as a minimum standard---

One tap one silver, one second half silver.

Absolutely Wrong. Based on past history. 60 silver ads were offered. Based on new split pot and mix match Pots won. 60 Silver ads are very possible if Games go away. Even if just one game went away.

Excuse me for my Nigerian math, but how did you come up with that number of 60?

I'm interested in estimates or observations of the 'cost' of the games.
It looks to me like "match the pot" requires putting 50% of potential payout in the pot. (i.e., a 2 silver ad viewed adds 2 silver to the pot size).
It's harder to estimate the cost of Split the Pot, but I'm guessing it's similar.

The 2 'contributions' from swiping into those pots aren't stacked-- it's one or the other. So it seems to me that eliminating both games might allow ad payouts to double. (all else remaining equal.)

Do you know who that Nigerian Prince is who keeps spamming me with emails? :wink:

Even if the payouts for this 30 or 15 sec videos double, it is still unreasonably low.

A real desirable function is to selectively exclude certain type of ads or certain ads. For example, the Ebates ad sucks. Even if you tap X to dispose of it, you have viewed the ad and you won't get paid. Of course, these 30 or 15 sec ads are terrible too. I would like to see an one-click option to enable and block certain type of ads.

If you are not so beautiful no one will spam you.

Does he ask you for your Cellnuvo account Information? Be careful :dry:

According to how I figuring. 60 Silver ads are more then possible, they would be probable.

Also during very quite times. a 15 silver ad raises the match pot by 10

If that is the case I don't mind the game so long as it limits my contribution to the game to 5%.

Unfortunately, there's a finite amount that CN can charge for its ads. Charge too much and advertisers will go elsewhere. Paying out too much and it won't have the cash reserves it needs to be nimble and make changes as often necessary for businesses. Unless CN has premium targeted consumers, it can't charge premium prices for its ads or to the advertisers. I don't mind smaller jackpots so CN can increase the payouts for the ads, realizing some of us have an old/slow phone and may not have the edges in this kind of games. Maybe do away the "Split the pot" or smaller jackpots or something to help increase the payouts. For me, one thing is certain, I do NOT want to go back to when CN didn't have enough cash reserves to pivot when one of its cell partner suddenly closed down. In that respect, Tom must balance between paying enough while making sure it has enough profits to provide sufficient/good customer services while at the same time, being able to make changes and improvements should need arises or dictates.

So are you staying that the time 60 silver ads came out was a mistake?

Why was it ok then and not now?..

Tom could afford it then and not now?

Explain pls

Not all lottery tickets are winning tickets. Not everyday is a black Friday.

I've gotta draw the line, here.

I think it's safe to say that I'm one of the easy-going people, here, and I tend to go with the flow.

Having to swipe ten times to get one ad and then having it be a 30 second ad for 1-5 credits is utter cr@p and not worth my time.

Today will be the first time that I don't even bother getting all 20 chances for split the pot.

I'll try it again in a few weeks but-- really-- this is cr@p.

And I normally never curse-- that's how torqued I am about this.

I almost certain that I will agree with you on this even if you are not so beautiful, which is an absurd assumption.