30 gold plan

For the enthusiastic swipers, would you go for the 30 gold plan? That's 30k points a month, I figure 3-7K swipes.

I usually get more than 30k a month but don't need the 30 gold plan. It would only be 1000 swipes when they bring back the 30 silver ads and referrals are a good way to boost your balance. The 10 gold plan is really good value and is the one I have my sights on.

can someone please explain to me why exactly you have to pay 5 gold and then also pay for each text and call? i know i already asked a similar question to this but im still really confused. also does the infinite plan mean that theirs no monthly fee and you just pay for what you use? i contacted support about these two questions and haven't heard back (not that i am expecting a response anyway knowing them)

That's not how it will work.
Your gold sits securely in your CellNuvo account, but can't be directly used for minutes/texts, etc.
To 'use' your gold, you have to transfer part of it ($5/5 gold) to the Red Pocket account. (Although probably this will become less visible as a Red Pocket "bucket" after CellNuvo gets everything set up.)
Once the $5 is transferred to your actual plan, that $5 will be used in the same small increments you're used to seeing. Make a 1-minute call, you'll have $4.98 left in the plan. Over time, we'll use it up and have to refill from our CellNuvo 'bank'.

From what we've been told, there is no monthly service charge, and the $5 can last a looooong time if you don't use your phone much. (No expiration, no service fee.)

I'm certain that it's being handled this way so the Red Pocket doesn't get involved with your full Gold balance, and doesn't have to micro-manage small charges for each unit we use. When we've used up the initial $5/5 gold, we'll just have to transfer an additional 5 gold to the (possibly invisible) Red Pocket plan.
It makes sense from Red Pocket's view. They cut down on the number of small transactions they have to make with CellNuvo.

It also makes sense from what we've been told to expect if we change carriers (once that's avaialble) or plans. If we change plans, any money/silver sitting in the Infinite plan at Red Pocket will be lost. It's likely that if we change carriers, any money/silver sitting in the old Red Pocket/Infinite plan will be lost. Setting it up this way, with only 5 gold being transferred to Red Pocket at a time, we'll never lose more than that 5 Gold if we need to change plans or carrier within CellNuvo/Red Pocket. The bulk of our gold will sit safely in our master CellNuvo account, not in the Red Pocket system.

i just got off the chat with redpocket and they told me that the 5$ plan only last 15 days. when i told them that im with cellnuvo and cellnuvo has informed us that they last forever, they told me they have no idea what im talking about.

We shouldn't expect knowledgeable answers about the special Infinite Plan from Red Pocket customer service-- that plan isn't available to anyone other than CellNuvo customers. RP is giving you answers based on a $5 plan available to standard Red Pocket customers, not to CellNuvo customers.
You should just ignore the answer they gave you.

The new CellNUVO plans do not describe a 15-day plan at the $5 level they call it 'Infinite' and do not limit the time period to a set amount of days or months.

So far, I don't know of a path to the newly posted plans as I wrote to support about it before the weekend and have not heard back. For that matter, no one else seems to have been connected to this new plan structure with inactive (expired?) or active lines.

This is just a billing increment concept. If your attorney's billing increment is 30 minutes, you will billed 90 minutes even if you used 70 minutes of his time. To maximize your value you should flirt with him until the 89th minute. Also if you cannot pay him for his 30 minutes don't go to him for help.

Yeah, funny these guys are calling RedPocket directly for CN issues. Why not just call the Big 4? haha