1c maintenance fee?

Anyone seen this? Previous inquiry was that it was a temp charge and get reversed. Is FP now going to make the 1 cent charge stick? Doesn't it cost them to process? Is it to just make people drop unused/gifting lines?

I keep getting charged 1c. It looks like a new thing so they can check the card or just steal 1c from you each month.

I haven't incurred any 1ยข charges, yet, and I have about 8 global SIMs and 6 LTE SIMs.

As cheap as I am, I'd still be okay with them charging me a penny, each month.

After reading the posts indicating it only applies to Global SIMs, I found 3 occurrences after checking all my Global SIMs accts. Seems random timing.

email 1
date: 6/13/17

email 2
date: 3/29/17

email 3
date: 7/17/17

Thanks for the heads up. I haven't received it on my global sim or LTE sim, but I will keep you posted if that changes.

Hopefully we get something official from FP stating what the reasoning behind this is (even though I would still be OK with the penny thing).

Oh, this is horrible. Found 2 charges for 1 cent for a LTE SIM that I have moved to another account.


date: 5/25/17
date: 5/29/17
date: 7/30/17

:dry: Maybe it's chargeback time.

Trying to contact an admin - looks like they took out the PM function. The ticket system requires SIM # and the SIM # does not show on accounts. They are charging 1c on 2nd SIMs that I had moved to a separate account. Just trying to add more hurdles to monetize users.

I replied to an old message - hope to hear something back this week. Otherwise, probably time to do some charge backs...