$100,000 for not using your smartphone for 1 year

But during the year one can use a calling only or dumb phone. Not sure why I'm posting this info on this forum, though.

I could very easily "not using your smartphone for 1 year". ;p

I would do it and hire one of you to swipe for me. :slight_smile:

I would bet $100,000 that my octogenarian mother in law could do it, for she has done so for many consecutive years and decades. Now if she only had internet or a smartphone to enter the contest.

do it for her

That's a possibility, but I doubt she could pass, and something I wouldn't want to expose her to, a lie detector test.

Why? Would she be lying?

The trick is you have to take the lie detector test on your smartphone... oops...you lose.

She hasn't used a smartphone, which I believe would be a requirement to enter the contest, for how could one stop using something one hasn't used. But then, she probably has borrowed someone's smartphone to make a call at some point. Anyway, the whole contest seems to be an advertising ploy, and I guess I'm helping in that regard.

But her a Moto e4. Then take it away