10 zero point video ads in a row?

Tom, this is too low!

It's now paying in N Korean Won... so tired of winning! :woohoo:

It could be worse.

You work for Cellnuvo now. Keep swiping.

Yeah, that would definitely not be winning/won.

The good news is I'm not seeing any 0 point ads.
The bad news is I'm not seeing any ads.

Welcome to the club KentE!

My swiping cat hates the update

Sounds like my experience, got about 2 ads that gave me zero points. But, I did get a left swipe survey for 175. Then back to nothingness.

I am just waiting for the dust to settle. If it ever does.

Now things are even worse because none of the ads credits.

You're getting ads?

Almost every other swipe but none credits. I think cellnuvo is going belly up now.

Are you on 3.15?


Cellnuvo stopped ads on 3.15 from crediting a couple of days ago. Gotta do the update.

Hungry-Hog, there isn't any option anymore-- you'll have to upgrade to the current 3.69 version. Currently, you'll get almost no ads, and almost no points-- but I guess that's better than zero points.