$10 and under with free shipping for all

"Amazon has added a new $10 and Under section to its app and website, featuring, as one could infer, items that are priced $10 or cheaper. All items have free shipping, regardless of whether a user has Prime membership. The feature, first spotted by TechCrunch, looks to compete with budget shopping apps like Wish — which offers a similar array of budget products — that have been increasingly encroaching on Amazon’s space."


Woof. About time too.
Too much of the time (without prime...) an under $10 item would have a shipping charge nearly the same as the item cost, thereby pretty much doubling the price.

(Of course for cheap folks like myself, ONLY buying items with 'free' shipping is a very strong preference...)

I would agree. Paying for shipping is so passe. This $10 newbie appears to be Amazon's attempt to swat the gadfly little guys that sell a rather large quantity of this really cheap stuff they get in bulk from China. Walmart has done much the same by lowering prices on items that Dollar Tree, Dollar General, 99.99 cent stores, and their ilk, have sold for less than Walmart in the past. Leave no stone unturned as the case may be.