1 Mbps Throttle on Sprint-side Free plans?

I saw it posted on the FB user page but confirmed it on all our Sprint-side accounts (Hydros, LG Tab, hotspots, and some BYOD phones)...

My Global and LTE SIMs still seem ok, only seems to affect Sprint networked devices.

Anyone see an official announcement of the change from FP?

Looks like it's true. My Netgear Fuse usually gets 8-14 Mbps (as recently as a few days ago). I just turned it on and it did a PRL and profile update and now it maxes out at 1 Mbps.

On the one hand it makes me glad that my Sprint investment, on FreedomPop, is limited to two hotspots.

On the other hand, with only 1.5GB (including shared data), there's not enough for me to ever use for video, anyway-- so it's unlikely to affect me. I use these hotspots for email, social media, SiriusXM streaming and Pandora, and that's about it. None of those will care about the limitation.

Where did you see the forum post? Can you provide a link?

Actually, 1mbps would be great as it would help throttle usage of children. Much safer for the parents. Would be better if it were user selectable via the website (thus parental control).

By chance, I ran speed tests yesterday, and was surprised at the relatively slow speed despite what appeared to be "strong enough" LTE signal. 3 tests, average download speed 0.81Mbps. I ran a test on June 27 and got 3.5Mbps, but the location was different.
I thought maybe a tower problem at the time, since I frequently get (got) 15Mbps in the same location.

Still works for what I want to do with my FreedomPop device.

@Chelle, I first saw it reported by another user on the Freedom Friends Connect Facebook page. I've not seen anything official from FP about this but it seems to be true.

Pay up baby!


What a shady operation!

Looks like continued push to get everyone to subscribe the the Premier Service at $11/mo. In reality, probably pushing folks to sign up for prepaid service elsewhere. Starts to being more work to get free service. Still less work than CellNuvo, though.

... remember when 1mbps was broadband? :slight_smile:

I rely on FreedomPop for a lot of my cellphone strategy and have often been concerned about how they could keep afloat.

I'm actually in favor of this. It allows them to monetize higher speeds while still maintaining a very usable tier of free service.

If this helps them stay in business for the long term then I'm all for it.

Whether it's 1 Mbps or 25, it won't affect me.

maybe push some to ROK Mobile Verizon Plan?

Well of course you are, should anyone be surprised?

Poor old FreedomPop, right?

Sorry, but 1 Mbps is not very usable for a voice over data call service. what this does is force subs to pony up or get out, hopefully they will "vote with their wallet" and get out.

Most are seeing 1Mbps, so is FP just flat out lying on their data speed throttle claim of "Speeds for free plans reach up to 3 mbps." ?

This all sounds like desperation on the Part of FP to increase cash flow and this shady azz company will most likely follow the same path as shady azz Ring Puss.

Gee, can someone remind me the last time a situation arose when some R+ acolyte did not fall in line justifying some sort reduction in service and or increase in cost to the consumer by some shady azz service provider, especially when it did not affect them?


Still getting good bandwidth from FP LTE SIMs.

I thought the same a while back-- but I've read several reports of folks using VoIP with good quality at throttled speeds as low as 64K, so it doesn't seem that 1 Mbps should cause any problems.
The first report I saw about this was from DominicanBrodda using the TextNow app over "2g" throttled LTE, at 64 kbps, over on the RP forum:

Similar reports of fine performance of Hangouts at speeds of 128K or slower (throttled LTE). I don't remember anyone reporting on using the FP app over severely throttled data, but it doesn't seem it should be more prone to difficulties.

I've experienced poor results from the FreedomPop VoIP over true 3G-- but I'm no longer of the opinion that the difficulty is speed related. Seems more likely now that it might be a latency issue, a packet-assembly issue related to 3G, or something else I don't understand. But, data speed alone, with a stable LTE signal is probably not an issue.

1mbps definitely enough for high quality VOIP. 1mbps is even sufficient for good quality video conferencing.


I DM'd FP on Twitter and they confirmed the change for Sprint-based Free plans (not sure effective date, but seemed like sometime over this last weekend).

They said you have to pay for either the Premier Bundle or the Premium Plus Bundle to get the full LTE speed...however I don't see either package offered under services on our BYOD accounts.

We already had Premium Voice enabled on those BYOD accounts so that apparently doesn't trigger the full LTE speed either. 1 Mbps is still OK for general email, hangouts messaging, and web surfing needs; those phones are for my lower-use parents and in-laws and they didn't seem to care when I gave them the update.

The throttle on my HotSpots affect me though (I had 3)...I suppose I'll have to rely more on my Global SIMs and LTE SIMs for data on my unlocked hotspot.

The new add-on is called the Speed Boost bundle/add-on: https://support.freedompop.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3401/kw/throttle#what

$4.99/month to get full LTE...

Speed Boost is a value added service. It is available alone or as apart of the Premier Service bundle. Speeds for free plans reach up to 3 mbps, while speeds for paid plans reach up to 5 mbps. Speed Boost can improve and increase your data plan speeds to up to 25 mbps (depending on your signal strength).

It's odd that their new strategy is Sprint specific. More customers would likely have short patience for Sprint than for AT&T. I think more people would jump through hoops for the AT&T plans.

Has anyone on a FreedomPop Sprint paid plan done a speed test? In the Speed Post help article, FreedomPop says that without Speed Boost, free plan uses get up to 3 mpbs and paid plan users up to 5 mbps. But with free plans actually throttled 1 mbps, what do paid plans get, 1.67 mbps?