$1,400 new iPhone

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I have never understood the allure of iPhones.

I think the real allure is for people who are not tech savvy.

Most of the people I know are in that category and they just feel comfortable with the one-stop shopping experience of going to the Apple Store, getting a phone and help setting up service as well as a lot of hand-holding with any questions they have. Pretty much all of them would be far better off with less expensive solutions including service through MVNOs but none that I have tried to persuade were willing to venture into what they see as the "unknown."


Yes they are easy to use. You see a lot of grandparents and non tech parents/40-60 year olds using them. Teens like them for imessaging and things like that. Once half your family use it then you might have to get one to be able to facetime etc. Some people don't want to mess with their phone and just want something that works as well.

Another advantage is how long they are supported with new software updates and how long they last in general. An iphone 5S is still a decent phone to many.

Good resale value.

The iphone SE and 5S are the last of the small phones. Proper one handed use. Some people just don't want 5"+ phones. 4.5" used to be large.

I feel the same. In addition to the ease of use, which has been mentioned on this thread, I believe many people purchase iphones because they want to conform to the expectations of their social peers, who mostly use iphones---it's a social status symbol for many. I'm aware of certain people who would be embarrassed to be seen in a WalMart, and so they pay twice as much for the same item at another store just to avoid embarrassment. Oh, the price we pay to be loved and fit in.:unsure:

No sd card. No removable battery. Itunes limits

Android much more open friendly

"Oh, the price we pay to be loved and fit in."

If the best things in life are free, then Love must not be among them.

I would rather spend money on Tesla car.

Well, it's a good thing that I am old and decrepit and am no longer the recipient of amorous glances, assuming I ever was, for I would certainly be looked down upon whenever I pull out my $10 Kyocera flip phone to make a call. Even my Android wife of 40 years gives me a weird look when using said phone. I hope the divorce papers aren't being drafted. I suppose that nowadays people with no cell phone at all just don't date and never marry. And even if these lonely heart sans cell phone people wanted to date one another, it would be rather hard finding one another without a cell phone. Maybe they all have ipads.

I don't think many even know what an android phone is. I bet plenty walk into verizon and ask for an iphone simply because it is all they know. Having the wider choice of samsung, lg, htc etc can be confusing for some. People refer more to the brand too. Do I want an iphone or a samsung?

I used to hate android but my iphone sees little use now. I keep it around for the worldwide bands and the ease of use for passing to others. As well as facetime. I used to prefer the slide to unlock (now gone) and the way ios looked but the direction apple are going is taking away everything I liked about it. The forced upgrades messed me up. They bug you so much with pop ups. My daughter upgraded me by accident and there is no way to go back now.

$400 is the max I pay for phones. Probably more than many on here. I can't understand anyone paying $800 nevermind $1k+

Agreed: many people have no idea that there are many good phone options apart from iphones, just as many Windows users have never heard of Linux OSs. I started out with an ipod touch and an ipad2, both gifts, but soon discovered Android(Linux) and Linux operating systems, which allowed me to escape the walled "gardens" of Apple and Windows. And having experienced the breaking, bricking and corrupted updates on Apple and Windows, I'm sticking with "free" Linux and Android where I can customize , break, fix my devices, and where I am somewhat in control of my experience. To each his own.

In case you have reservations about spending some $1.5k on the new iPhone when it appears shortly, you should realize that you are getting an amazing bargain--it probably is worth 10,000 times that amount.

Should you choose to equip all your iGoodies with extra dongles you can do that for a mere $857 (pre tax).

Finally, if you are wondering when the genuine Apple cables do not hold up well, then you probably can blame the environmentalist lobby for that.

Of course, if the President imposes tariffs on China, none of these items will be so reasonably priced anymore so if you are in the market for any of them, it is probably better to act soon.


We have Windows computers at our store, because that's what our point of sale software runs on, but at home everything is Linux Mint and Chrome OS.

I've never spent more than $120 for a phone (a used Galaxy Note 2, way back when).

If I've missed out on any technology that would have improved my life I sure can't think of what it might have been.

I love getting a lot while spending only a little.

There are lots of people with $800 phones on expensive plans but I'll never be one of those people.

I'm proud to be a cheapskate.

I do think though that iphones hold their value well. Even a $1400 phone would be worth $800 or so after 2 years. Android phones just can't compete. I think you can sell an iphone 6 for the same as a samsung s7 or HTC 10 but the iphone is double the age.

I'm not into budget or mid range phones like Chelle. But I think that there are so many excellent phones in the $180-400 range right now that it would be silly to consider spending around $1k for any phone.

Forgot about the new iPhone.

The "thing" this year may be the introduction of LTE into the Apple Watch.

As usual apple playing catch up but it will be a game changer?? We all need it if it is in the apple watch. Nevermind how it has been in other watches for years.

September looks like it will be a very exciting month.

At some point CellNUVO will launch its new model with all current users (one hopes) up and running

The NFL starts on the 7th.

On the 12th Secretary Clinton's new book (the first of some 25 major works on politics coming from the last Administration/election) hits the shelves.

The Equinox is the next big event on the calendar on the 22th but there are rumors it will be eclipsed by the event of the year for iOSians.

The iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus will go on sale Sept. 22.

Plan accordingly as the lines will be really long.

Since CellNUVO seems to be producing no news, here is a possibly credible rumor about the new iPhone.

iPhone X is the name of Apple's jubilee, has confirmed a reliable source of iCulture. The X in iPhone X emphasizes the 10th anniversary.

Disclaimer: This is Google Translate rendering the original Dutch into English.

Here are more details.

All this 10th anniversary stuff is just a excuse to launch an expensive phone. The X will offer nothing more than what the next iphone ought to already offer to compete with the latest android flagships.