0 Gold/mo Infinite Plan

I would like some clarification here. My $5 Cell Nuvo plan was initiated by CN Support and it lasted 30 days. Originally the expiration day was listed in the past (1969), so I was expecting this plan to expire only after I use up the allowance. Unfortunately, when I checked my Red Pocket account status yesterday, I found my airtime to be expired, long before I had a chance to use up the allowance.

Is the $5 Cell Nuvo plan same as the 0 Gold/mo Infinite Plan listed on CN website? I haven't purchased one with Gold, so I don't know. If so, the plan appears not to be infinite, and instead has a 30 days expiration date with allotments resetting to 0, as I have no service. I sent an email to CN Support and I'll report back as soon as I hear from them.

My 1 line shows end on 6 Nov, so looking forward to what you find out here...

This is what I am not sure about when I saw the expiration date on RP site despite CN claimed it is infinite.
More accounts will hit the exp date in the coming two weeks...

Since yesterday https://my.redpocketmobile.com is now updating usage for me every 20 min or so. My Plan Expiration date changed from the 1969 date to Oct 17, 2017 (today). I haven't used my gold to top up, I was automatically put on the $5 Cell Nuvo plan around a month ago with no gold taken from my balance.

Yesterday I noticed that each text I sent was being counted as 7 but today it looks like it is counting right. Minutes are also being counted correctly. I haven't tested data.

Pic 1 > 15min phone call > Pic 2 > Received 1 text > Pic 3 > Sent 1 text > Pic 4

Hopefully the expiration is for these top ups that we didn't pay for and when we top up using our gold it won't expire.

I was charged 5 gold for mine. But now have October 31 as expiration instead of 1969. Trick or treat???

Did you have to create a RedPocket account to see that information?

Yes. I think I used my IMEI minus the last digit.

IMEI minus the last digit = MEID.

Ah yeah the Hex MEID minus the 0x is the same as the IMEI minus the last digit.

What phone are you using? I've only seen the 0x prefix on older phones-- it took me a while to figure out to leave it off.

My account became "Active" this morning ( from "Airtime expired" status) and new expiration date - November 15, 2017.
So looks like 5 gold for 30 days. Very sad.

I know this info is in other threads, and that we don't have any recent communications from CellNuvo to clarify, but.....

It's too early to assume that the CN Infinite plan will cost $5/month to maintain. The plans listed on CN's site say that the per-month cost of the Infinite plan is $0, with a minimum $5 credit deposit. The last input from CN on the subject is that the credit does not expire.

So it's possible that we're seeing a plan that is intended to renew every 30 days, at $0 cost to renew, with 'Infinite" rollover of available credits. If that's the intent,it's also possible that the Red Pocket system isn't really configured to indicate this (since it only applies to this one plan, limited to CN subscribers). It's also unfortunately possible that it might take some time to work out the kinks in making the Red Pocket account work the way CN intends.

If this is the case the 10 gold is a better option

How can you tell it is active?

The area were it says auto refill status: not active. Does that change to active?


If both the Infinite and 10 Gold plan require additional funds every month, the 10 gold would be a better choice for higher-volume users. We know for certain that the 10-Gold plan requires an additional 10 gold each month, though.

I think both the Infinite and 10-Gold plan are excellent values. If the credit is non-expiring (as I believe it is), Infinite fits my usage pattern better. (probably costing me 2-3 gold per month.) Even with non-expiring credit (on the Infinite plan), if you've previously used more than 10 gold a month under the old plan, the RP 10-Gold plan will be cheaper.

My phone started work again this morning.

I checked My Red Pocket. I did sign up for RP account, with your phone number and email. At least it show your usage.

Thanks. Is it CDMA or GSM?

Many of us trying to get GSM working

Still Sprint CDMA, I need this line working.... For GSM refill system not ready yet.

Understood. At this rate. We could be looking until next year. Before issues are resolved.

I certainly hope this is the case.