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Current Version: 1.0.1


About This App

Welcome to the R+Notifications Android app!

This is a simple app that works with RingPlus mobile phone service. It makes voicemail notifications work the way you'd normally expect. The app is provided free of charge.

Disclaimer: This app is third-party software. Nth Circle is an independent developer and not affiliated with RingPlus.

Main Features

This app supports basic voicemail notifications:

  • Voicemail status bar indicator
  • Basic voicemail notifications
  • Customizable notification ringtone
  • Direct voicemail dialing (from notification screen)


If you have any questions, please use the contact form or post in the forum

This is a free app provided without warranty and with no guarantee of support, but feel free to use it and submit any feedback you may have.

ATTENTION: If you are getting duplicate voicemail notifications, please see this article for a workaround.

How It Works

The R+Notifications app works in conjunction with RingPlus SMS voicemail alerts. When this app is installed, you no longer see a voicemail text alert from RingPlus (see workaround if you continue to see them). Instead, you will get a "new voicemail" notification from the R+Notifications app. You can then tap on the notification to directly call voicemail (basically, how most phones already work).

Voicemail Status Bar Icon

"Standard" voicemail icon will appear in the status bar

voicemail status icon

Voicemail Notification

Voicemail received item will be added to the notification tray. Simply click on it to call the voicemail system.

new voicemail notification

Setup Instructions

Step 1

Before using this app, you must first configure your RingPlus account to send voicemail text alerts to your phone. If you haven't done so already, log into the RingPlus website and configure your voicemail settings. It should look like this:

Account > Voicemail > Settings > SMS Notification [CHECKED]

Step 2

Download the R+Notifications app from Google Play Store. After it's installed, start the app. You don't need to run it again after this first time (unless you want to). The app works in the background even when not open.

Step 3

Later, if you change your mind and want to see RingPlus voicemail texts again, simply uninstall the R+Notifications app and your phone will work like before.