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Current Version: 2.3


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About This App

Welcome to the RP Samara (formerly R+Dashboard)!

This Android app works with Ring Plus mobile phone service. It provides an easy way to track your mobile phone usage from your Android device.

Disclaimer: This app is third-party software. Nth Circle is an independent developer and not affiliated with RingPlus.

Main Features

View your RingPlus info

  • Usage reporting of Minutes, SMS, MMS, and Data
  • Plan information with current account balances
  • Multi-line (multiple phone number) support

Stay on top of your usage

  • Usage alerts with customizable alerts
  • Detailed history with usage and cost summaries per monthly cycle
  • Usage forecasts with end-of-month estimated overage costs


Frequently Asked Questions, coming soon...

Subscriptions & Billing: Purchases are handled through Google Play in-app billing services. To view or cancel a subscription, please visit the Play Store.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us.


How It Works

Authorize the App

The first time it starts, you will be redirected to the Ring Plus website to authorize the RP Samara app. Once you grant authorization, the app will begin syncing your data. RP Samara uses OAuth2 for better privacy, so your username & password are never seen by the app. You control your information: if you ever want to stop the app from accessing your account, simply revoke authorization from the Ring Plus website (go to Preferences > Applications > Revoke Access).

Main Screen

RP Samara can display multiple accounts under a single Ring Plus username. Swipe left or right to view the different phone numbers. Usage information is displayed visually as a colored "ring" to indicate the amount used. Toggle between blue "used" amounts or green "remaining" amounts by clicking the toggle button at the top-right of Current Usage.

Usage Details

You can tap on any usage ring to display additional details such as plan minutes used vs. overage minutes. The details also include the estimated overage cost for your current billing cycle, so you can avoid any "bill shock" surprises at the end of the month.

Usage Alerts

Another way to manage your spending is by activating usage alerts. Usage alerts periodically check your account usage (in the background) and notify you if you've reached a certain limit. These alert amounts are customizable. You can set up alerts to track overages (e.g. you have exceeded X minutes) or to track low balance (e.g. remaining balance is below X dollars). Triggered alerts will appear in your notification tray.


This feature allows you to download your itemized Ring Plus history for offline browsing and analysis. Once downloaded, the information is saved to your Android device and no further downloading is required (except for new history). The app automatically sorts your history into different categories (minutes, messages, data) and summarizes the usage for each history period.


The Usage Forecast tool takes your most recent usage information and makes predictions about your future end-of-month totals. This forecasting tool helps you plan your usage so you can stay on top of costs.