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3 weeks 6 days ago #1 by Extraterrestrial_Zoologist
Hi Folks.
We were the lucky recipients of an iPhone SE (64GB) - which seemed like a great idea for my partner's replacement phone...that is, until it was in hand.
A lovely, cute device, unblemished, starts right up, and=>
Our old eyes cannot cope with its tiny screen size - so it is just a paperweight here.

It came with 2 different Otterboxes & a charging cable - which will all be passed on to anyone interested in becoming its new owner.

Considered putting it up on CL - but frankly that is always a hassle, putting that idea off in hopes that someone here wants it & can help us in moving forward.

Plain and simply said - we are Android users by choice & wish to stick with that.

What we'd seriously love to do is just to swap with someone who can provide us with either a phone with a bigger screen size or a 7" tablet - either of which running Android 5 or newer.
(Yes, that is an older version - hence the request !!)

And BTW, the Ooma & Ooma wifi I posted here nearly a year ago are still sitting here too - all neatly boxed up & ready for a new home - could be a combo deal if anyone here wishes for this stuff ??

For initial contact please use the PMs here - unless you already have my email address, from some other conversation, of course.

Thanks for looking !!

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3 weeks 5 days ago #2 by Extraterrestrial_Zoologist
Wow - got a bunch of offers here - impressive indeed - and sincere thanks to all who responded.

The SE is now claimed in a good way, thankfully - but nobody here wants the poor (but new) orphaned Ooma - BooHoo.

I guess most folks here have no use for old fashioned type phones nowadays.
We enjoy ours because having cordless phones via Obi scattered about which have terrific speakerphone options is really a luxury for us older, 1/2 deaf folks !!

Thanks Again Folks !!

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