What happens to port-outs that don't finish before the deadline?

2 years 3 months ago - 2 years 3 months ago #389 by Widsith
I just found something today on the RingPlus forums that is good news for those of us still waiting for ports to complete. (My three port-outs to Tello are still in "Porting in" status.) A Ting employee with the ID "ParaicTing" is assuring everyone that the ports to carriers other than Ting will be completed by Ting if not by RingPlus:

I have a port out of 3 lines to Cricket in limbo since 2/5/17.
Ting question: Should I cancel the ports? If I do, will the numbers be ported to Ting? I can then try Ting and port the numbers to Cricket if I want later?

No need to worry about any pending ports out. Anything that RingPlus are unable to get to prior to the migration will be handled by Ting. We will make sure to expedite your port out so you can start getting service with your chosen carrier.

Are you saying after a line is migrated over to ting, you have a chance to port it out without to pay $6 fee? If this is true, does the line still has the service with Sprint before it get ported out that may take up to five business days?

That's exactly right. We want to make sure that you have the option to do what you want to do with the number. You can think of Ting as a way of making sure your number is not lost to the ages. We'll also make sure that you maintain service for a period of time until you move the number. At this time the time frame for this is somewhat unknown but we're looking at a period of about 48 hours. If you have a port out initiated within that time we'll make sure that you don't go without while the port is in progress.

So I'm breathing a bit easier about my pending ports with Tello. Anyone who wants to see the original messages I quoted can go to page 15 of the thread here: social.ringplus.net/discussion/11476/ting-ringplus/p15

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2 years 3 months ago #391 by JTSR71
Thanks Widsith.

I would also expect that if there are any issues post Feb 11, Ting support will be there to help.

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2 years 2 months ago #2715 by Chelle
My phone just kept working, including data and tethering.

I spent more than a week past the deadline trying to port or cancel one line that seemed to be stickier than the others.

I eventually got it ported to Tello, but it kept working without interruption.

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