Any predictions on how well the Ting "takeover" will go?

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2 years 2 months ago #1612 by JTSR71

joseph wrote: Check your minutes/texts/data itemized billing usage on RingPlus. Nothing updated since Tuesday (yesterday) morning. That's when it migrated to Ting.

If you didn't activate with Ting via the emailed link, your line is in a Ting "holding" account. They provided a 2-3 day grace with an unspecified limited amount of usage allocation until you either accept Ting's terms and provide a CC# or port it out. If neither is done they'll suspend your service probably no later than Friday even if you didn't use up your grace allocation before then.

I wish the spelt that out when they sent the email.

I have a feeling they'll send a follow up email before and after the account is suspended. They want to acquire as many customers as they can.

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2 years 2 months ago #1618 by Oldbooks1
I think the Ting reps on the forum have done a great job in very difficult circumstances.

The way Ting management has handled the situation from a communication perspective is less impressive.

Clearly, there was a time schedule and detailed operational plan in place at the technical level. Obviously, management did not see the need to make sure all the critical information members would need was made available in an easily accessible way, widely announced, and updated as circumstances warranted.

That is quite revealing since there has been adequate lead time to do this.

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