FCC approves Verizon purchase of Tracfone Group

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re: phone unlocking: I'm not sure that the quote bingyee shared about phone unlocking has any official source: it may be someone's attempt to rephrase the official language.

The FCC document says this:
"8. Unlocking Devices Commitment. Subject to certain conditions and limitations, Verizon
commits to extending its 60-day unlocking period to all 700 MHz C Block devices purchased from
TracFone after closing and activated on the Verizon network, subject to a two-year waiver of the
automatic unlocking requirement to allow manual unlocking for those TracFone devices that currently do
not have automatic unlocking capabilities. Verizon will provide notice to affected TracFone customers of
its unlocking policy."

The two-year mention is an exemption from Verizon's normal unlocking policy to provide 'automatic' unlocks. Tracfone's current phone stock (and possible future purchase commitments) may not be configured to do this, so manual unlocking, by request, would be the path for a while. My guess is this will be done via the existing Tracfone Unlocking Policy portal, which already serves all Tracfone brands.

The quote also seems to say that the 60-day unlocking is only applicable to phones purchased after closing of the buyout. (I tried googling for that, and the hits seem like that has occurred.) So, no shorter unlock period for phones already activated, or already sitting in a drawer. (Might be some wiggle room for phones already acquired but not activated, and maybe not-- save receipts.)

The full FCC document is available here:
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