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1 year 2 months ago #11 by Extraterrestrial_Zoologist

Can this setup be used without internet, just viewing the camera via wifi router?

Requiring the internet was my main objection to the laview krap;
Both of the homebrew solutions I posted above DO NOT need any internet at all to work fine.
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2 weeks 4 days ago #12 by Extraterrestrial_Zoologist
The best solution for this type of situation is a bit more work to figure out...more details below.

I've made some efforts seeking a replacement for the cam I use & some are as low as 16.99, but=>
Pretty much all the cheapo cameras require an internet connection so as to reach the company's server for whatever reason they've dreamed up in hopes that they can get you to pay for something besides the cam - must be why they're so cheap !!

Pointing backwards at Laview for a minute, it seems their company has fallen upon hard times because peeking in at their site has this banner at the top:


Moving forward, since I have several older unactivated & unused Android devices, and they all have cameras built in, using one of those as a sort of wireless cam has always been attractive for me, but sadly all my attempts at it revealed all sorts of goofy problems, so I hadn't checked for any more solutions for a while.

Re-checking this idea today brought what looks like some good news:

IP Webcam Pro v1.15.0r.768=> Requires Android 4.1 and up
View your camera on any platform with VLC player or web browser.
Stream video inside WiFi network without internet access.

The 'pro' version is 4.99, but the lite version is free, so it looks like time to give this a try.
If it works as it should, I can use an idle LG Fuel as the cam & an old Nexux 7 with VLC player to display it.
That would be ideal and at a total cost of 4.99, loads less than buying any IP Camera that I could find.

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2 weeks 4 days ago #13 by KentE
Replied by KentE on topic (in)Security...by LaView.
Et_Z, that is most intriguing! Please let us know if you give this a shot.
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2 weeks 4 days ago #14 by Extraterrestrial_Zoologist
Hi KentE & Thanks for your interest.
As it happens, the Fuel works well with VLC or even just a browser window - but its camera has no night mode.
Our street is very well lit with the new LED streeetlights & we have a bright LED porch light too, but minus any night mode that one is too week for night use...BUT:

A really generous friend who lives in KC MO gifted us with a TF Onetouch that DOES have the night mode !!
Since we totally quit using TF it has been carefully stored & still has all the 'normal' TF bloatware in it.
For this attempt I'll have to put a bit of time into de-bloating its s/w - maybe even rooting it if I'm fortunate, & then it may make a dandy door-cam.

More will be posted as this develops...

Again - Thanks !!

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2 weeks 3 days ago - 2 weeks 3 days ago #15 by Extraterrestrial_Zoologist
OK, my playtime is done for now !!
(As of last night's bedtime.)

My ultimate goal in all this was to use an older phone as the video source - inside our front door's window rather than putting it outdoors as it would require being connected to AC all the time to remain steadily working.

Unfortunately the impression I got is that phone cameras have something very different about them as compared with dedicated cams such that they seem sort of...weak ?!?
(No IR illumination has been used or needed to get a clearly visible stream before this experiment.)

Even with the 'night mode' on, the Alcatel phone only picked up small glimmers through the window.
(In addition - that device is so tightly TF'd that even with advanced techniques it is impossible to de-bloat.)

The LG Fuel was actually a bit better all around, even without having any 'night mode' - but still would need to be fully outside for it to work enough for good visibility at night.

The app I mentioned herein is truly terrific though !!
I have tested a bunch of such things & this is the only one of that lot which does a great job of wifi-only, zero internet needed home video streaming from such an inexpensive source to either a browser or VLC.

OK, lesson learned - t'was sort of fun testing this idea too.
Ultimately, when & if I may come across some sort of good, dedicated non-internet based wifi-only camera that we can actually afford, I'll give this another attempt - but until something like that comes along I remain delighted to have found such a great app to do it with !!

To anyone who has read all of this adventure's story - Thanks !!
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