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Hi DST11.

In reply to your query, my experiences with TV went like so=>

1. It is super version-fussy.
I was attempting to help a distant, elderly friend by using it a while back.
My PC was using windows at that time, his using Linux - and it became quite impossible to connect because TV refused doing so until & unless his was changed to a newer version, which of course I could not help with remotely from over 100 miles away without a working connection !!

2. Unacceptable system overhead.
In using it to support a business client, it was the ONLY option for allowing access to a s/w vendor to fix the installation of their product, so, knowing it would be a one-off deal, I used the portable version of it that time.
After they'd successfully fixed their product & disconnecting from them, I carefully looked for, and found an amazing amount of 'leftovers' not only in temp locations - but also in the registry, user profile AND the 'all users' profile, meaning:
Despite it being the official portable, it was NOT truly portable and did zero cleaning up after itself when finished.

3. Truly nothing special about TV that justifies using it.
Either the free version of Anydesk, or using any sort of VNC via OpenVPN gives a much cleaner solution.

4. My personal conclusion:
I classify TV as 'krapware' due to its overly commercial nature & the poor ways in which it makes demands of the users & systems.

HTH !!

As I may have mentioned before - neither myself, nor anyone whom I assist are Chrome users & giving that much access and/or trust via 'freebies' from the big G is mostly the basis of that choice.
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