Cordcutters dream device?

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unbeknownst to me wrote: This is a bit unrelated, but thought I'd share:

Back in September I bought a bunch of USB "over- the -air" TV Tuner sticks (for PC) from China for about $12 each.

It took them about 10 weeks to be delivered............but they are really cool!

Yes, they look and feel cheap, but you get a mini antenna and a mini remote control with them...and they actually work quite well.

Gave them out as stocking stuffers at Christmas. Everyone really liked them. Still use mine.


Those are DVB-T, which works in most of the world, but the USA uses ATSC.

As far as I know, those won't pick up any TV stations in the USA.
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4 months 3 weeks ago - 4 months 3 weeks ago #34714 by unbeknownst to me
You are of course correct.
Through dumb luck the units I bought in September of last year were ATSC.
I gave an "example" in my previous post unrelated to what I had actually purchased.
Here then is the example I should have given....but now at the price of $18.00 (and without the mini remote and antenna)

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