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I've just spent all my free time for the last couple of weeks converting our laptops to Linux OS and upgrading a friend's computer to Window's 10.

All of my efforts and results with Linux were a joy!

Installing the Windows 10 upgrade was a no- brainer. BUT afterwards, I spent most of my time researching and eliminating intrusive programs and processes.

This all has been a watershed event for me.

Last thought.: Again, many thanks to Extraterrestrial_Zoologist and Isamorph who put me on the right path with Linux.

And one last thought : I have read with interest Chelle’s posts about Chrome. So that’s the next free time project for me to explore.
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The Linux desktop is in trouble

I agree with much of the criticism presented in the article.

I recently installed Linux Mint on my MacBook Air (11-inch, Early 2015). This after trying Ubuntu and Fedora unsuccessfully, both of which balked at the NVMe controller. Getting the Wifi working with Broadcom drivers was surprisingly easy, however.

Although I was eventually able to find and install close equivalents to software I use daily on MacOS, the overall desktop experience was lacking.

Wavebox is a robust app for managing multiple G-Mail (and other types of) accounts, available for Linux and other desktop OSes. Note: Annual fee for Pro edition. wavebox.io

On MacOS, I still prefer Mailplane, however. mailplaneapp.com

For IP camera surveillance (viewing only), I used Xeoma free edition. felenasoft.com/xeoma/en/

The killer for me though is lack of iMessage and other integrations with iOS and Apple ecosystem (eg; iTunes).

My takeaway is that desktop Linux is great if you want to breathe new life in old hardware, but if Apple is still releasing software/security updates for your Mac there is no reason to switch.
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6 months 32 minutes ago - 6 months 23 minutes ago #36751 by Isamorph
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Given the many people who favor Linux distros over Windows and Apple systems but still find it necessary to dual boot with a Windows OS on their PCs, it is apparent that only a small group of die-hard Linux (millions, though) users have totally given up their needs and desires for other systems, as attested by the many posts on Linux forums dealing with dual boot problems with Windows. Personally, I have a Windows OS that I keep on a separate hard drive for the few times a year I might need it, and because I have a phone license and system that will only work on Windows OS. That said, because there are certain features, such as iMessage, that will not easily sync between Linux and Windows and Apple, most people are understandingly unwilling to completely break from these two systems and completely embrace Linux, not to mention the fact that many businesses require the use of Windows. Linux is indeed in need of standardization, but Windows is itself suffering from being overtaken by Linux as businesses, Chromebooks, Android phones, etc., become more enamored of the powers of the Linux system.

"In fact, if it were possible to analyze every single piece of technology out there, Linux would almost certainly come out on top."

And at least for personal pcs, Linux distros are basically free, which is always attractive.

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6 months 25 minutes ago #36753 by Extraterrestrial_Zoologist
Add up the phones, servers, IOT devices and finally desktops - and this is a non-subject.
Linux has already been dominant for some time, very quietly.

Desktop users will remain desktop users if that is their desire - just as gamers will remain gamers.
The handheld revolution has been eating everyone's lunch...not just this desktop OS or that one.

Lots of discussion may also be found here:

Yes, I am the OP of that thread - and so what if folks prefer THIS over THAT - personal choices are GOOD !!
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