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4 years 4 months ago #11 by Chelle

@Chelle In the FP group system you outlined you suggested organizing about half a dozen people in addition to oneself in the group. You also mentioned you have a pretty good size group of people. Is there an optimal size for this type of arrangement? Is it the bigger the better (as you seem to have a larger size group)?

If group members always donate their about to expire data to the accounts with the most recently begun billing cycle (with the highest priority), effectively you'll probably end up with each donor always donating to the same set of recepient accounts each month, based on the billing cycles. As such, is there not the risk certain accounts that happen to not have the "right" cycle starting date could get very few to no data donations every month?

Also, what other places have you posted your system to?

I suppose it's possible that some devices wouldn't benefit as much as others but, in our group, we actually have the opposite problem-- we tend to have more data to give away than there are parking spots to put it.

I usually end up sharing some data with strangers, and I give first preference to people who include a rollover date in their name.

As for the groups I've shared the system with, I've shared it in the RingPlus forum and in a few Facebook groups that I'm in, with friends.

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4 years 4 months ago - 4 years 4 months ago #12 by Chelle

Hi Chelle, added one more device today and when you get a chance, add my new device to your list, it will be a donor device. Sent a bunch of requests for you to accept.

Can you spell out one last time..... If my device bills and renews on the 14th, do I put 14 in the name, or 15, and, does that mean I would never want to donate to a 14, or, is a 14 safe to donate to?

I need to set up reminders so I know when to donate for each account each month. Nut, don't want to donate only to have it expire same day or next day!


If your bill date is the 14th that means that the last day of your billing cycle is the 13th. So I would name that account 13-(something) and know that I had to make donations on the 13th (since that's the day that the account will say 0 days left).

And you could safely donate to anything 12 or earlier because it would have fresh data on the 13th.

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4 years 4 months ago #13 by sfatula
Got my reminders sent, I sent you a PM Chelle as well.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Chelle

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