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mmfacemm post=51765 wrote: Should be fine to port between them.  I don't see that being an issue.

If you use my total wireless referral you can get another 2 months free after paying for 2 more.

So 5 months for $71 in all.  5gb plan.  

Thanks, I think I've used several of your previous referrals but I'll pass on this one.  This is my main line and by tacking on Simple and Total, I can line up the second plan to expire in late June, to coincide with the expiration of my wife's plan on Mint (buy 3 get 3 months free Black Friday deal).  At that time, I'm planning to port both lines to main AT&T on their $250 GC per line BYOD deal.  We're gonna need unlimited data for July and August and I also want 3G fallback, so I don't want Visible.

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