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Chelle wrote: This works in my Galaxy Note 2, but not in most phones.

It has a USB plug for the power source, micro USB to connect to the phone, and an HDMI connector to attach to the TV.

i have one of these! its in my box o cords! its extremely short though not more than 3 ft. i just did a trial and it worked with the phone , i trialed with you tube but if it works for you tube one must guess it works for the other. 1 down.

as for chomecast does it matter dongle vs flash drive looking deal? dont have the chromecast on me. but was told it was available. they used it years ago in another house.

edit: also doesnt chromecast need wifi? wifi is something that house doesnt have and so then needs to use the data from the phone

Yes sorry. WiFi needed. I forget not everyone has that
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Thanks people! i really feel sometimes im a visual learner and never wouldve tried or connected that the short hdmi cord would work for my needs. (it really is short its almost as if it was built to use with a pc or something sitting right next to it. my 1st estimate was off i measured it and came out with 1 1/2 ft cord) i have one samsung circa 2017 using the cord. and one motorola e4 using hotspot through an xbox 360. ive done my part and now everyones set for this seemingly never ending quarantine.
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