About Us

Nth Circle is a community of mobile telecom and technology enthusiasts. Our purpose is to share tips, insights, and information about the mobile industry, service providers, telecom and other related (or not-so-related) topics of interests.

A Brief History of Nth

In the beginning
Nth Circle starts as a domain to host hungryghost's personal web and mobile projects.
The Nth Circle Forum (aka Nth Forum) launches as a side project, while evaluating various self-hosted forum platforms.
Following the demise of mobile service provider RingPlus, the Nth Forum is opened to former RingPlus users, for continued discussion of telecom related topics.
Nth Circle grows into a broader community of mobile enthusiasts, a place to discuss carriers, services, devices, apps, deals, and other topics for those navigating the mobile landscape.

About Hungryghost

In the real world, hungryghost is a techie named David who tinkers with websites and mobile apps and dabbles in software engineering. Of hungryghost's past projects, the most relevant to Nth members was RP Samara, which was once the most widely used mobile app for RingPlus mobile service. After the demise of RingPlus, fans of Samara led to the transformation of Nth Circle into a wider mobile community, a gathering place for mobile enthusiasts from all walks of life.