About Us

Nth Circle is a community of mobile telecom and technology enthusiasts. Our purpose is to share tips, insights, and information about the mobile industry, service providers, telecom and other related (or not-so-related) topics of interests.

A Brief History of Nth

In the beginning
Nth Circle starts as hungryghost's personal domain, a platform to host small web and mobile projects.
Nth Circle Forum (aka Nth Forum) is launched as an evaluation of various self-hosted forum platforms.
Following the demise of mobile carrier RingPlus, the Nth Forum is opened to former RingPlus users, to continue discussions of telecom-related topics.
Nth Circle grows into a larger community of mobile enthusiasts, a place to share information about carriers, services, apps, devices, deals and other topics of interest to those navigating the mobile landscape.

About Hungryghost

In the real world, hungryghost is a techie named David who builds websites and mobile apps and dabbles in software engineering. Of hungryghost's past projects, one of the most relevant to Nth members is RP Samara – an app that in its heyday was the most widely used app for RingPlus mobile phone service. After the demise of RingPlus, the fans of Samara transformed Nth Circle to become a wider mobile community, a gathering place for mobile enthusiasts from all walks of life.